Good news!

Though we have not yet finalized things, there is a very good chance that - contrary to what we had anticipated - we will be able to keep the total cost of the trip right around $5000. And, we may be able to include more meals so that just about the only expense beyond that will be your immunizations and souvenirs. This does not include gorilla trekking as that is an optional activity that those enrolled in the course can choose to do or not.

The course is capped at 16 students. If you're definitely interested in joining us, you might wish to submit your application now! The deadline is 7 November.

Just to give you an idea regarding the money you might wish to have for souvenirs... 
I brought back nine baskets, three scarves, three pairs of earrings, two necklaces, a tiny carved gorilla, fabric, a painting - and probably a few things I've forgotten. I spent, in US dollars, about $130 on everything.

Questions? Feel free to contact me at

Financial Aid

Financial aid in the form of alternative/private loans (i.e., not government loans such as the Stafford Loan) is available for short-term study abroad. Loans are available for a maximum of the cost of the course plus $1000.

For more information, please see Cheryl Dooley in the Office of Financial Aid.

Cheryl Dooley, Associate Director
Financial Aid

Please be sure that you direct all related questions to Cheryl and not others in Financial Aid as she is the "go-to" person for these issues!

August Update

We're working hard to finalize trip details, all with an eye to keeping the cost down. Please check back soon!