Heaven, etc.

Well, I never did get to making that additional post about Heaven. So, as I prepare to leave for Rwanda, there's no time like the present, eh? Really, the best way to learn about Heaven is to read the book. It's a wonderful account of Josh and Alissa Ruxin's experience traveling to Rwanda, getting settled, and - ultimately - founding Heaven. 

As their website notes, "Heaven is more than a restaurant & inn, it's a social enterprise. Heaven is helping Rwanda develop its most important resource: it's people. Prosperity creation is one of Rwanda's many challenges..."

I had wonderful banana chips and guacamole, followed by my current addiction - terrific fish tacos. We sat on the beautiful patio, looking out at the lights of Kigali. You can't see the lights here - check out their website for that - but you get the idea.

In planning my fourth visit to Rwanda, but my first without a guide, I decided to splurge and spend my time in Kigali at Heaven, the inn. I've worked with Alissa and Caleb, their office manager, to iron out the many details and they have been tremendously helpful. I'll be able to walk to the UTC if I wish - Bourbon Coffee, Nakumatt, and MTN and I'm familiar with other restaurants in the area. So, all in all I think this will be perfect. I arrive on the 5th!

I will spend the first three days in Kigali, meeting with a few folks - details in other posts, I hope - and participate in the Walk to Remember as the official period of mourning begins. From there I am planning on traveling to Kayonza, in the Eastern Province, to meet with the Gashora student who will matriculate at Hamline next fall. After a day there, I am expecting to travel down to Huye where I will again meet with people in that area. I'm not posting a lot of details since things have a tendency to, um, evolve over the course of one's travels. But, after three nights in Huye, I'll return to Kigali, spend the night, and fly out the next day, returning to the US on the 15th. 

As the availability of Internet permits, I will post about my experiences. Stay tuned and thanks for checking in!