Another terrific day in Kigali. Shortly after 10 am we went over to the Umubano Hotel and met with Peter, Amy, and Marie from Gashora, Linda and her parents and two younger brothers, and two representatives from the US Embassy. Peter had arranged for a lovely ramada on the back lawn and the weather was very cooperative. It was an absolutely lovely setting. We were even visited by three striking Grey Crowned Cranes, the national bird of Uganda!

Peter served as our master of ceremonies while various folks offered their comments. I then spoke and presented Linda with the certificate stating that she was receiving the scholarship. I also had Hamline bags with various Hamline swag to distribute. Thanks Gail and Caroline! Then others, such as Linda's dad and Linda, spoke to express their gratitude. All in all it was a fabulous little gathering and Ithink everyone enjoyed themselves. I'll try to post some photos another time.

Ann and I then went to the Belgium Troop Memorial, saw a lot of Kigali, went to Bourbon Coffee for a snack, went to the Caplaki Market for some souvenir time, saw more of Kigali, and then went out to dinner. We even saw the presidential motorcade. Right now I'm exhausted and need to pack, but I do want to post at another time about our visit to Heaven, a fabulous restaurant with a mission. Stay tuned and good night!

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