First full day!

First full day, complete. I woke up early in the morning to go running with Abby and Patrick. So many other locals were running, it was beautiful. A truck full of men drove by and gave us a thumbs up and a group of children cheered for us, amazing moments. After the run and the great hostel breakfast (very yummy bread), the day was full of visiting many sites. We started with a city tour followed by the memorial for the ten Belgians killed in the first days of the genocide, Hotel des Mille Collines, the Presidential Palace Museum (full of many secrets), and the Kimironko market. The market was a new experience for me, I'm not use to the bargaining so it was uncomfortable and stressful. Overall, it was a stressful day due to the many new experiences and sites, but also an amazing, exciting, and beautiful day.

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