We've only had a few classes in prep for the trip this Thursday, they've been crammed to the point of stretching and breaking. Today we had a guest speaker come in to tell his of own experience as a Rwandan.  However, this man has brought forth many more questions - many of which are sensitive in nature - to the topic of Rwanda, in general. The political complexities of the genocide and its aftermath are incredible.  While the events of and leading to the genocide are difficult to understand in their own right, the effects that are seen after and today are only compounding. This whole experience brings important questions of morality from the act of murder to the ends and means of its prevention. But, within the country, itself, this will likely be a topic that, for its controversial nature (as seen in the guest speaker's experience) is best remained unspoken. There are certainly plenty of other lessons and questions to be raised from the coming weeks. Some I will not expect until I see, hear, feel, smell, and taste Rwanda.  Above all, this will be an incredibly immersive experience, overwhelming at times. I can't wait to experience all I can, but I am also excited to come back with this experience and see how it fits into other events that cannot be seen while I am immersed. Tonight I pack. Tomorrow I have class, pack some more, and double check all my packing.  The morning after that, I depart for Rwanda. I can't wait.

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