Adventures in Amsterdam

Today was ours to explore Amsterdam! In the morning we went on a canal tour to see the history of this wonderful city! Looking at all the canals and the beautiful architecture around me started my day off right. After that we were in our own and our group first went to get lunch. Of course I went the American way and got a hamburger. I have to say, America doesn't have a hamburger like this! It was super fresh with the fresh lettuce that they call rocket, and the onions had a sweet jam on them. On the side they had very good fries a lot with aioli sauce. After a wonderful lunch, our group went to the Vincent Van Gogh museum. This was the museum that I had been wanting to visit the entire trip and the museum certainly met my expectations! Each floor told the story of Vincent's life seeing his life's work and work that gave him inspiration. It was a wonderful day in the city of Amsterdam and I'm so sad that we have to leave soon.

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