Having a good time!

Today was a very eventful day for us. We left our first hostel in Kigali and moved to Hotel Muhabura located in Musanze. After lunch we got the chance to visit Red Rocks where we learned how to make banana beer/banana juice, and basketweaving. The women from the community sat with us and showed us how they make the baskets these are very important to the reconciliation process because basketweaving is a way of bonding. Along with basketweaving and making banana beer we enjoyed learning the traditional dancing and drumming. These forms of art help the community create bonds and builds an economy following the genocide. The trip so far has been going great we are growing and learning more and more everyday. Tomorrow will be a very exciting day and early day starting at 5am. We will be starting our gorilla trekking adventure up the volcanoes to see the gorillas. I'm excited to see what the rest of our trip has in store!

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