Canopy Walk

Today was a great day. The canopy walk was incredible. We had a great tour guide named Claude, who navigated us through the forest very well and pointed out many facts regarding the forest. The view from the canopy was amazing, you could see rolling hills far in the distance deep rain forests. A few people were very, very hesitant about walking across the canopy but with great encouragement from Claude everyone made it across. It was a beautiful time. After the canopy walk we visited a village area were tin art and jewelry are made. We learned the process of how it is all made and was told that it's a two day process for one piece of art. That takes talent and patience. We ended our afternoon with amazing ice cream from an ice cream shop in Huye. The ice cream was so good that we convinced our professor, tour guide, and bus driver to stop there in the morning for breakfast. Great way to start a Tuesday morning in Rwanda (they also serve coffee).

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