Once in a Lifetime Experience!

Today was an awesome day! Today was the day that I had been waiting for the entire trip! Today we went gorilla trekking! We had to get up at 5am in the morning to get ready for the trip. Once getting on site we split up into two groups. The gorilla family that we were trekking is called Ntambara, which means fighter. The reason why they called it The Ntambara family is because the silverback gorilla, which is the leader of the family, got into a lot of fights when it was younger. So, once he had his own family it was fitting to call the family fighter. On to the hike it was actually very hard going up the hills. We had to watch our footing with the rocks and mud. I fell at least twice going up the mountains. It was all so worth it because not only did we have a beautiful view going up but, we reached the family of gorillas. The family was so calm and did not care that we were there. In the family it has two adolescents! They were sooooo cute to watch and to take pictures of. We were so close to the gorillas that all we had to do was stick out our hands and touch them if we really could. The gorillas walked right in front of us and the silverback actually touched somebody in our group while walking. Everything was so amazing! I could not believe that I was actually watching watching these gorillas. I knew that this opportunity might not ever come again.

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