And now, the photos - Professor E-H

The first two photos are from a Twa (aka 'pygmy') village. This group originally made its living as poachers in the Virunga mountains. They were relocated, but remain close to the area, as part of the mountain gorilla conservation efforts. They now earn a living as farmers and potters. The local tour group with which we are working, Amahoro Tours, centers on offering community-based tourism opportunities that offers a benefit to communities such as these, as opposed to exploiting them without financial gain.

The rest of the photos are from the Intore Dance presentation. This is a traditional Rwandan dance, once performed for the monarchy and which typically tell a story. In one dance we observed, a young man was attempting - without success - to court a young woman. His replacement succeeded. As you can, see the students had quite a good time!

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