The Return - Christian Taber

As I woke up for the final day in Rwanda I felt excited to return to the great state of Minnesota but sad to leave such a beautiful country.  My time in Rwanda was filled with so many great memories that I will never forget.  Once we arrived at the airport we all took pictures and said our farewells to our amazing tour guides.  I then began to mentally prepare myself for the long trip ahead of me.  We first made our way to Uganda for a quick stop then we continued to Amsterdam.  This was very strenuous to me as I find it impossible to sleep on planes.  I watched 3 movies and went to the bathroom numerous times and on a couple occasions I would look around the plane to find everyone in a deep sleep.  Eight hours later we arrived at Amsterdam and I immediately looked for a bench to sleep so I could catch up with my classmates.  Before I knew it I was walking to the next terminal for our ride to Chicago.  Sleep deprived and all I watched more on-flight entertainment to pass the hours.  Finally arriving in the States I had relief of no more flights over 8 hours but the trip was not over.  Being so close to home I could taste American food that I so much missed as I nearly lost 15 pounds.  Arriving in Minneapolis was a very joyous occasion for me as I was picked up and rushed to Culver's where I indulged in a big, juicy, greasy burger.  As I was satisfied with my meal I began to think of the great times in Rwanda which satisfied me even more as I knew this experience will be in my heart for years to come.

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