BAGELS? - Nasteha Ahmed

Today we had the opportunity to go eat at a bagel co-op place started by a woman named Robin Smyth and her husband, Rich. She and her family moved to Rwanda six and half years ago for a missionary journey. She told us about how they first wanted to help street boys with things like medicine and housing, but discovered that not all the boys were homeless, but that they were living in extreme poverty. As years went by, Robin and her family decided to started a home for women and children. That turned into a workshop showing the women how to live on their own by making earrings and, eventually, bagels. The bagel operation became successful because there was a high demand for bagels from other moms whose children went to school with Robin's.They went from making just bagels to making tortillas, quesadillas, chips, and dip. They are the only supplier of doughnuts in Rwanda. Robin explained to us how there are lines out the door on Saturdays for the doughnuts. Its amazing something as small as bagels can help so many people!

Note: You can check out the African Bagel Company on facebook or Google them for more info about their work.

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