A few more...

A few photos from our stay in Gisenyi -

Our fantastic crew, Yvan, Gaspar - who drives the Coaster like nobody's business - and Aime!

The wall outside our hotel, facing Lake Kivu.

Across from our hotel... a different sign said 1.3 km to the DRC.

Apparently the last colonial era home in Gisenyi.

We left Gisenyi at 8:30 on Sunday morning. Very quickly we were stuck in the midst of the Kwita Izina Cycling Tour. I was thrilled! I've been reading about Team Rwanda for several years and actually got to see them in action. From there it was on to Kigali, after a brief stop in Musanze. Once we hit Kigali it was power shopping at Caplaki Artists' Village and one final stop at Kimironko Market as some of the students had ordered clothing to be made.

We arrived at the airport at 4:30, for our 7:30 - which became a scheduled 8:20 and and in reality 9:00 - departure. Arrived in Amsterdam at 6:50 am this morning (Monday, in case you're getting lost) - same time zone - and are now waiting for our 12:40 departure to Chicago.

My seat companion turned out to be the Rwandan Minister of Public Service and Labour. I told him about the trip and about seeing - and having followed -Team Rwanda's development. He said, "You are a good friend to Rwanda." when we landed he gave me his card and said, "Next time you're in Kigali." I'll definitely be following up.

Now it's off to buy some cheese and chocolate!

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