What's the first thing you're going to do? Angela

What's the first thing you are going to do when you get home?
Kari - play with my pets, unpack and do laundry;
Melissa - shower and go to bed;
Jennifer - eat a salad and some orange juice;
Cami Marie - cry 'cause I'm not here anymore;
Jasmyn aka Princess - talk to everyone on my phone when we get to Chicago, eat, and go to sleep;
Salisa - eat fried chicken;
Yvonne - show my mom all my pictures;
Greta - eat a Norwegian hot dog from a gas station;
Nasteha - eat, 'cause I haven't been able to eat much here;
Lauren - eat American food, McDonalds or something from a drive thru, and show my family what I got;
Noah - rent a truck to move into my house;
Christian - take a shower where I can drink the water and let it just come down on me and eat at Culver's;
Me? I'm going to smother my children with hugs and kisses, then set up a 501(c)3. Thanks to Professor E-H's Facebook link to my blog post, there are several individuals and organizations who are interested in buying sewing machines for the women at the Musanze local market. I've received some good suggestions for the name of this organization - a stitch in time, sewing for change - but I've decided on 'begin'. The definition of begin is: to do the first part of an action, to come into existence. This trip has reminded me that reality is created in the present moment - that if I take one step and start right now, the next step makes itself known. I've learned that Umuregwa will be the contact person for Yvan and Aimé's tour company, Eos Visions. When Eos Visions bring tourists through Musanze, they will be directed to her to get their African attire sewn. She will also be my contact, purchasing sewing machines and get them to other women. Who knew a simple study abroad to Rwanda would provide this kind of experience? Thanks Professor E-H for taking on the task of organizing and tackling this trip. I'm smiling. I hear the sound of African sunshine coming down.

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