Last Day in Rwanda - Greta Opsal

Today is our last full day in Rwanda and we are spending it in Gisenyi. Gisenyi is a city in Northwestern Rwanda right on the border to the Democratic Republic of the Congo.  Our hotel is 1.3 kilometers away from the border. Today most of the class went to the market, but a few of us stayed behind at the hotel. Christian, Yvonne, and I hung out around the pool today. We found a lizard, but it was too quick for us to catch it! Tonight we are going to have our farewell dinner with our tour guides, Yvon and Aime, then we will prepare for our departure back to Kigali tomorrow morning. 

Tomorrow we leave for the airport, where most students will head back to the states. This trip has been very educational, depressing, and fun all at the same time! I am very thankful that we have had a lovely time together and that everyone in the class got along pretty well. It has been amazing getting to know my classmates.

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