Guma Guma - Noah

Today I looked back on the past two weeks while being in Rwanda and thought to myself, what was the best part of my trip? I looked through my photos of the trip and explained some to my friends as I showed them the highlights and sites visited. Yet I can't come to pick one to be better than the other. From gorilla trekking to basket weaving, the trip was full of experiences I will not soon forget. The only part I hope to forget is the mass amount of hours spent in terminals and airplanes! I'm not sure the exact time spent from Kigali to Minneapolis/St Paul airport but it was well over 30 hrs! It took a couple of days to get back into a regular sleeping schedule and I can feel the effect of so many hours sitting on the plane in my legs as well. Yet I know that I would go through it again if I had the chance to return to Rwanda once more. The country has taught me a lot about restorative justice and reconciliation both academically and by interacting with the Rwandan people. Yet most of all I feel that Rwanda has taught me a lot about myself and how I live my own life. I wish everyone had the opportunity to visit Rwanda and see how much Amahoro (Kinyarwanda for peace) can spread.

Guma Guma - Kinyarwanda for "keep going"

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