Baboons and more baboons! - Professor E-H

We spent late yesterday on safari, seeing giraffes, zebras, antelope, impalas, water buffalo and... baboons! Here are a few snapshots.

I asked the guide if he knew the population of baboons and was it in the hundreds. He said, "Higher." I said, "Thousands?" He said, Higher. Hundred-thousand." I'm not certain that's not a translation issue, but they are everywhere! This morning, on my way to breakfast, I stepped out to the open hallway only to see two baboons, one carrying its baby, strolling toward me. I'm not afraid to admit that I went back into my room until I heard someone else leaving his/her room! Safety in numbers. I heard a door closed, called, "Helloooo," and saw one of our guides, Gisele. We walker together to breakfast, chatting loudly. Sharing the hallway with a baboon is too close for comfort in my book!

We're off for five hours in another part of the park and then back to Kigali later today.

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