10 Days Until Take Off- Salisa

I am beyond excited to depart on May 25th for our journey to Rwanda! Not only have I been counting down the days since the day that I turned in my application in November, I have been in a semi-state of disbelief since that day as well. It is still difficult to fathom that in ten days we will be in Africa.

There are many things that I am looking forward to during our time in Rwanda but for me just being there will be more than enough. While I know I will enjoy the gorilla trek, and be moved by the memorial sites, and fall in love with the scenery, I am certain that even without all of that, this trip would be life changing for me.

After reading the many engaging readings that we have had (especially As We Forgive by Catherine Claire Larson) and watching Hotel Rwanda for the first time, I know that being in the actual country where nearly everyone that we meet will have been impacted by the genocide in 1994, I know that there are many powerful moments to come.

I am so excited for these next ten days to hurry by and to get going on this amazing journey ahead!

--Salisa Grant, '13

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