Rwanda Day 2 - Lauren

Today was very mentally taxing as we went to visit three memorials of the genocide. The reality hit pretty hard for me. We had seen some of these places through different videos in the classroom, but actually being there is an entirely different story. It has never been in my character to cry much at all, especially in front of people, but I found it difficult to not let the setting get to me. I think the most sickening and most memorable part was seeing the churches full of the clothing the victims were wearing, their remains, and the wall of the church with it's gruesome reminder of what happened. Being in these places made incredibly real the past. I almost felt like I had no business in these places as I could never fully understand what these people and their families went through, but I realize how important it is that everyone try to allow themselves to understand the tragedy so as to prevent a recurrance. Being in Rwanda is interesting because going to these places was more than somewhat depressing and has made me question humanity, but at the same time they are doing so much to move forward and reestablish themselves as a united, successful nation that my faith is restored a little. Going to these sites provoked a heavy feeling that I would have liked to avoid, but I think that's the point of these. Hiding in a comfort zone is easy but letting yourself fully experience the situation will at least allow for growth.

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