Tuesday May 30th - Jasmyne

Yesterday was a very eventful day! My favorite visit of the day was our stop at the Gashora Girls Academy. When we first arrived, we talked to the headmaster of the school and he told us about when the school was founded, the opportunities they offer, challenges they have, etc. I was just very excited to meet the girls.

When I first sat down to eat with them, they seemed a little shy. After going around the table, introducing ourselves, they started to loosen up. Right away you could tell that these girls were incredibly smart and very serious about school. This was obvious because school was all we talked about during lunch. They asked me about Hamline, the process of getting into college, tuition, and different scholarships you could apply for. I was extremely impressed with these girls and their dedication to their education because when I was their age (14-15), I knew I wanted to go to college, but wasn't thinking so far ahead as to what I would need to do to get there. Also, the fact that I majored in Math and Education really made me interested in these students. When I become a teacher, I would LOVE to have students like these girls.

Overall, I loved visiting them and it was great to be in the presence of such intelligent women of color. I absolutely enjoy their company!  

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