Kigale Genocide Memorial Centre - Professor E-H

I didn't know that this was part of the plan, a part of our visit to the Kigali Genocide Memorial Centre, our local contacts arranged for the "Hamline delegation" to more formally remember the victims of the 1994 genocide. As trip leader, I was asked to place the arrangement. Everyone else in the group then placed a single flower. This was followed by a minute of silence. In the photo, you see the flowers resting on one of the mass graves at the Centre.

When we left the Centre, we visited two memorials that are about an hour outside, Kigali - Nyamata and Ntarama. Hopefully at least one of the students will choose to offer a post about today's experiences.

Tomorrow we visit the National Unity and Reconciliation Commisson where we are scheduled to meet with its president, Bishop John Rucyahana. After lunch, we will visit Prison Fellowship Rwanda. Stay tuned!

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