Two cents by Angela

I have a fascination for gorillas and have wanted to travel to Africa since I was a child.  I am a fan of drumming and other music that I consider to be African, as well as an appreciation for the way in which people adapt to their surroundings – whether that be environmental, governmental, or relational.  The chance to see what beliefs I hold about Africa, and whether they hold true or not, appeals to me.

From reading about restorative justice, I get the feeling of hope and healing.  Realistically though, I think that ideas sound much better conceptually than they turn out in practice.   It’s my goal to gain an understanding of what has worked and what hasn’t in Rwandan restorative justice, so I can more accurately gauge the idealism of the theory with the realism of what’s actually happening on the ground.  In my experience, it’s always best to go the source and gain a feeling understanding of what is happening, in addition to an intellectual understanding.  I look forward to the experience of Rwanda.

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