Boys Boys Boys -- Jennifer

Our first day in Rwanda was incredible! Kigali is a gorgeous city I am absolutely in love with! I love seeing all of the different kinds of cars and buses, and the amount of people who travel on foot still surprises me. The best stop of the whole day was at Les Enfants De Dieu, a center  for street boys. When we first get there the founder had a few words to say about the institution and how it is run.  The center has set up a ministry system for the boys to teach them responsibility. The boys elect eight different ministers to oversee the administration, staff, sports, money, and other things which are escaping my memory at the moment. The ministers are the bosses of the institution controlling how money is spent and who works there. This system really stuck with me because I am in Education. Giving young boys who were living on the street such responsibility is an incredible self-esteem boost. In the ministry positions they have trust, responsibility, and the power to make a difference. One boy spoke to me about how he used to be angry and full of hate when he was on the street, but the center has taught him to see love again. He has found happiness at the center and is studying hard for the examination that will get him to the next level of schooling. He wants to learn, and ultimately share his experience with others wherever he can find them. This boy, along with all the others I met, will stay in my mind forever. I can't wait to see what the rest of the trip has in store for me.

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