AMAZING, Nasteha Ahmed

Words can not describe how amazing the first day in Rwanda has been. We got to tour the Kigali (pronounced Chigali) and I can honestly say that it is one of the most beautiful cities I have had the opportunity to see. I did not expect it to be so green and lush. The people were unbelievably great to all of us and our tour guides have been very helpful. Visiting Les Enfants de Dieu was amazing and hearing about all the kids' backgrounds and stories. I was impressed with the way they were willing to try out their English by communicating with complete strangers. One of the kids who used to be part of the youth center but now comes back regularly told me about how much he loved being part of the youth center and his upcoming adventures to London to present a hip-hop film he made. Being from Africa myself I thought Rwanda would be familiar to the other places I have been to and in some ways it is but there are great differences as well. I am so excited to learn so much about this amazing culture and its people.

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