Excited to Arrive in Rwanda! - Carolyn

I am so excited to go to Rwanda! Ever since I read the announcements about this trip and signed up, my anticipation has been building up. I am, however, getting a new perspective on what it may be like.

After taking the first class, I realized that my initial expectations about Rwanda were way off. The speaker spoke of the current safety of Rwanda and how it is more safe there than it is living in New Orleans. I was very surprised by this and realized that I had a very limited view of what the country was really like. She also spoke of how as a member of the middle class there, you are expected to have a staff to give people in your community jobs. As a sociology minor, I was very intrigued by how much the people of Rwanda care about each other and how much they rely on each other for support. Coming from an individualistic country, I will be interested to see how their views and daily lives differ from ours.

I am very excited to experience a new culture and I can't wait to get a perspective on another part of the world. Experiencing new food, culture and scenery are the things I look forward to the most!

--Carolyn Paulet, '13

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