Gashora Girls Academy--Salisa

Yesterday we had many site visits including a basket weaving collective from which we all received peace baskets as gifts from the women who made the baskets and run the collective. It was truly amazing to receive those gifts from the president of the collective. The day was full of wonderful moments like that one.

One of my best moments was a conversation that I had with a table of young Rwandan women at the Gashora Girls Academy. We visited the school and spoke with the headmaster before eating lunch with the girls. We talked about everything from future plans and university education in America to The Hunger Games and literature vs. science. I was extremely impressed with the girls at Gashora as well as the work of the headmaster.

That conversation was one of the best conversations I've ever had with anyone. They wanted to know about me at length. They asked about my Africa tattoo and my time in Rwanda, asked about my dreams and aspirations ; I was so inspired by them. When I told them that I was a writer they asked me if I had written a book yet and what kinds of things that I wanted to write. I told them that I love fiction but that I am primarily a poet and they instantly wanted to see my poems. I promised them that I would send them a poem and I got the email of the headmaster so that I will be able send a poem or two to the students.

I am so very excited to send them some of my work and continue building a relationship with the academy.

Wonderful day,


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