Only a Handful of Days Left! - Jen

That's right, only five days until we are off to Rwanda!
I have been wanting to go on this trip since last fall when I took the First Year Seminar on Rwanda, and now it is right around the corner.
This trip is going to be incredible. Not only do we get to experience the geographical beauty of the "Land of a Thousand Hills," but we get to see the beauty in a nation that has utilized restorative justice in creating reconciliation.
I find Rwanda to be the most inspiring nation in the world. Coming from such a broken past to looking towards such a bright future, Rwanda stands as a symbol of hope.There is a lot to be learned from Rwandans about restorative justice and peace, and I can't wait to learn more by studying the work being done there. The more I read about the Rwandas actions of reconciliation, the more I want to begin my travel.
The journey we are about to embark on will be one which we will carry with us forever.
The final countdown to takeoff has begun.

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