Counting the days...!

Here it is, 15 May. In ten days - a week from Friday - we leave for Rwanda. The class had its first meeting on 5 May. We had a great presentation by Andrea Plautz, a public health researcher in Saint Paul who recently returned from over two years living and working in Rwanda. She had some great insight and terrific photos to share. We discussed the course requirements and spent a lot of time on logistics such as clothing, packing, etc.

I'm at my home in Canada right now and have my "staging area" set up. I'm piling up the bug juice, sunscreen, socks, fantastic washable underwear, snacks... And, I will soon pick up my Rx for Malarone, an anti-malaria med. I've tested out my new camera and am hoping to be able to post photos via my iPad. We'll see if I get that figured out. Hopefully students will post between now and when we meet again, saying a bit about what it is they are most looking forward to, etc. Counting the days? Indeed!

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